I am an Integrative Psychotherapist and Psychologist which means that I embraces the idea that there is no one way of understanding human behaviour or distress, as we all are unique and the contradictions we face are part of being human. This means as your Psychotherapist, I will bring together a range of theories to create a coherent integrated approach to uniquely create a tailor made approach to best meet your concerns. Some of the approaches I use to do this include, Psychodynamic therapy, Client Centred Therapy, Mindfulness based Therapy, Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that are enhanced when selectively integrated to best meet your specific needs.

It should be noted that research suggests that the most valued ingredient in therapy is the quality of the therapeutic relationship regardless of the theoretical approach. 

I emphasise the importance of providing a trusting and safe therapeutic relationship that can increase the awareness of your strengths and resources. The interventions I use are based on best practice and evidenced based research to facilitate wholeness and well-being for each client.


An Introduction to Integrative Psychotherapy by Maria Gilbert and Ken Evans.


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