We are London based registered psychologists offering expertise to individuals and teams within large corporate organisations from CEO’s to small business leaders and managers thrive and flourish. We use our clinical experience and contemporary research to help you respond to the pressures and stressors you face in corporate life. You will quickly experience positive results that will help you learn ways to alleviate stress and the sense of overwhelm.

We believe embracing a Leadership role is an innovative and often transformational process. We have integrated positive psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness (rooted in science and research) coupled with cutting edge leadership research to promote happier, and more productive employees, who emerge as authentic leaders more aligned to their own unique vision, meaning and purpose.

Authentic Leadership and Well-being

We focus on range of self-development tools and well-being strategies to promote leadership as a way of being in the world. The intention is to advance self-awareness, cultivate connected relationships and emotional intelligence as principal leadership skills. The invitation is to adopt intentional well-being and flourishing strategies as principles to increase productivity, success and optimal performance. Within this, we offer tools and strategies to help you best live with the uncertainties, ambiguities and the strengths required to meet setbacks that we all face, to promote a ‘leadership state of mind’, developing collaborative and relational ways of being to support people to create organisations that can innovate, renew and thrive.

Strength building

We identify and aim to help individuals accelerate existing key strengths, centring on a strength questionnaire and this involves an in-depth dialogue about psychological traits and abilities. These strengths can be expanded and involve choice making activities. Each strength is identified, defined, envisioned and individually tailored to meet each participant’s unique needs, to create growth and development opportunities. This can promote positive change for leaders and managers on multiple levels to broaden and build on positive emotions to support their capacity to excel in their roles.

Therapy and Organisational consultancy

We also offer confidential support and therapy to employees to help individuals with a wide range of concerns and to help them better manage life/work challenges and transitions.

The therapy, coaching and the self-development strategies that we offer can bring about meaningful change and development. In drawing from contemporary business and psychological research, the work we have undertaken has yielded excellent results. We remain committed to best practice to help people find greater fulfilment and success in their working contexts and lives. 

Both individual sessions and group trainings achieve this by developing collaborative, congruent and trustworthy relational ways of being to support people to create organisations that can innovate, renew and thrive.

We offer a relaxed and highly engaging environment for your growth and development.

Contact me on 07802 267 200 to discuss your specific needs.

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